Helping find hope for individuals, couples,and families dealing with trauma, grief & loss, dementia and hoarding.

I am a daughter, sister, aunt, niece. I start with who I am in my family because so much of who I am has been shaped by my family of origin, extended family, and psychological family. I suspect it is largely because of my belief of the importance of family that I eventually trained to become a couple and family therapist.

I came late to this therapy profession, following being a doctoral program administrator, owner of a gardening business, church minister, and frustrated (and no doubt frustrating!) retail sales associate. Finally, I found what fits me and pursued education to an MA degree in marriage and family therapy, and an MA degree in family social science. In between my MA degrees, I began a private practice specializing in issues of trauma, grief and loss. My practice is now located in Robbinsdale, MN. I currently see clients two-three days/week. For more information, please email me at janetyeats@gmail.com.

While pursuing my education, of course life education offered me learning opportunities that prepared me for other work I am now involved with. I teach couple and family therapy students in the MA program at St. Mary’s University in Minneapolis. I teach trauma courses in this program.

All of this work can make for a full schedule. I really do enjoy my work and get such fulfillment from it. Sometimes exhausting, often challenging, occasionally I want to run away to an island and sell sarongs . . . and I wouldn’t trade it! I work with compassionate, dedicated, brilliant people. Work is a gift in my life.

When I’m not working, I like to spend time in my garden; moving my body with yoga and walking and other kinds of exercise; time with family and friends. I’m a reader – you’ll often find quotes on my site from the latest book that I want to share. I can’t get enough of travel, especially to places I’ve not been before.

This site most certainly is a way to communicate and share thoughts. I welcome and invite your responses and dialogue. Does something I write resonate with you? Disagree with you? I assume we’ll be respectful, so let’s discuss!

You will read the terms “ambiguous loss” and “hope” often on this site. The first term is a kind of loss that I often work with and would like to do more writing on. (See an article I wrote with Pauline Boss on ambiguous loss and grief.) If you don’t know what ambiguous loss is, come back, I’ll be writing more about it! You can also read Pauline Boss’s books on the topic.

Hope is a word I cling to. I have to . . . I believe that without hope, life feels so very empty and tiring. Hope is, I think, essential to our lives – and is also something I like to think and write on. I think it is our job as humans to hold hope for others . . . until they can hold it for themselves. What a gift to offer another who is in pain or feeling sad.


Hope is that thing with feathers

That perches in the soul,

And sings the tune without the words

And never stops at all.                      

-Emily Dickinson