What Do I Know?

A colleague commented on my new website suggesting that I say more about my specializations . . . a good idea. Here goes:

What gets me up in the morning is grief and loss. That may sound odd – but it’s true! I love helping people who are grieving, processing loss, and even those who really don’t want to do either. I wrote about ambiguous loss in my first post – I believe that we all live with more ambiguous losses than defined ones. Often, ambiguous losses aren’t named, so they’re not recognized, which means they aren’t grieved. Living with ambiguity is so hard – we want answers, we want to know – but many times, life doesn’t offer answers and knowing. I find deep satisfaction in helping people name their losses and learn how to live well with them, live resiliently.

In my private practice, I specialize in issues of trauma – with all kinds of populations and diagnoses. Trauma is experienced differently by everyone – I love exploring these experiences not because I love being around pain but because I so want to help people in pain. It is such a gift to be given the trust of someone who tells me their story of trauma and to be allowed to bear witness to their suffering and their move to recovery.

I get to work with families who have been given a diagnosis of dementia and now are trying to figure out how they adjust to this thing that has just upended their world. I get to work with people who hoard and their families – brave, courageous people who are often misunderstood and feel hopeless.

Over and around and under everything, I want to hold hope for those who come to me; I do hold hope – until they are ready to hold hope for themselves.

So, there’s some of what I know and do with clients. I’m incredibly blessed to do this work – there is a lot of pain in my work, and there is a lot of joy and strength, too.