My New Grief Journey

I've not written a blog post lately due to the loss of my mother due to cancer. My family has been on an unexpected and sad journey. On February 24 my Mom was diagnosed with cancer and she died March 4. 8 days -- the speed of her decline and death was impossible to keep up with. And now, we are left to try to sort out what happened, how fast it happened, our feelings, and our loss.

I have worked with a lot of people in their loss and grief . . . I have written about grief and loss . . . I am an "expert" in grief and loss. None of that could prepare me for my own experience with death. I have experienced plenty of my own loss in my lifetime -- none of those losses have been about the death of someone I loved. So, I am on a new path. Death is a part of life -- and life goes on after death.

This morning a friend posted on Facebook a photo of a sculpture called "The Weight of Grief" by Celeste Roberge. It is a beautiful and fitting picture of grief -- I encourage you to take a look on her website: The sculpture is a body of wire filled with stones - and it most certainly fits how grief feels to me now. My brain doesn't work as efficiently, my body feels heavy and dull, it takes so much effort to do anything or go anywhere. I love working in my garden and I find it so hard to get out -- even on a beautiful morning. This is just some of how grief is physically affecting me and doesn't begin to speak about how it is impacting me emotionally.

Usually, in my blog posts, I try to write an entry that has a beginning, middle, and end. I'm not going to try to wrap up my thoughts and feelings on grief, rather, I'm going to keep writing - and hope that you'll join me in conversation about your own grief journey. After all, grief already threatens to isolate us, let's change that story.