What Gets You Up in the Morning?

I recently attended a workshop entitled "The Power of Purpose." The speaker asked this question and my answer was "my work in trauma, grief and loss." I am passionate about the work that I do with clients who have had traumatic experiences or who have lost someone or something important to them. In fact, it was the desire to return to the work that gets me up in the morning that led me to leave my work at The Hoarding Project. There is certainly trauma and loss in the lives of people who hoard and their family members, but I didn't get to work much with that when there were administrative duties that needed attending!

But now I'm back -- back to focusing on the work I love to do. I continue to work with clients in my private practice, I continue to teach trauma courses, I continue to speak on trauma and grief, with a focus on ambiguous losses related to both. And now I'm adding writing! I've got ideas for two books and I'm excited to put my thoughts down on paper . . . 

It's important for we humans to have something that gets us up in the morning, for us to have meaning in our lives. It won't look the same for everyone - meaning is different for everyone - for some, meaning will be what they do for work, for others meaning will be what they do for fun, for some meaning will be what they create. The most important thing about meaning is that we MUST know what it is and we MUST carry it out. What gets us up in the morning, what gives us meaning, is what we have to offer our community. And what we have to offer the world is unique to ourselves. If we don't offer what we have, then the world misses out on that important piece.

It's easy to think "what I have to offer isn't that important." NOT TRUE. What you have to offer is from your voice, your experience, your capacity, your leaning, your life. Your voice is like no one else's voice. We need what you have. So, figure out what gets you up in the morning, and GET UP!!