Lasting Change . . . How?

This weekend I listened to a podcast entitled The Radical Therapist, episode #035 - "How Psychotherapy Lost Its Magick with Scott Miller, PhD." A student in one of my classes sent me the link with a note, "I think you'll like this." She is right! There's a lot of good stuff in this episode, what I most appreciated was Dr. Miller's view that many things can help people heal . . . especially the therapist.

One of the things we know about therapy is that the main thing that helps people recover in therapy is the relationship they have with their therapist. Healing can be helped along by way of theories and techniques, but without a trusting, healthy relationship it is very difficult for a client to have what they need to heal. The challenge is to find a therapist who will learn to develop and trust their intuition over a technique. When therapists trust their gut, they listen for what is said and what is not said by clients . . . they learn to ask what might be an "out there" question which turns out to be right on . . . they use their bodies to help them attend to what is happening in the room with a client.

This isn't magic . . . it's intentionality, deep listening, and focused attention. It's often what is missing in our interactions with others - either because we don't pay attention, or the other isn't fully attending to us. When we have this kind of relationship with a therapist who is making use of themselves, their education, and their experience, the opportunity for lasting change is very real!